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I See Litterbugs, They’re Everywhere!

litterbugHave you ever noticed how many litterbugs there are out there?  If its not dog poop, then its cigarettes or matches flying out of the car window at 75 miles an hour on the Interstate.  I am seriously thinking about proposing a rule to my HOA mandating that everyone’s garbage pail has to have a lid that is attached.  When the wind blows around here, the newspapers and coupon inserts, and empty granola boxes, and empty cans of soda make a real mess of things.

So.  What got me started on this wonderful subject, you ask?  I was on my way to donate (recycle) some things at the thrift store this morning.  In front of me are two women in an SUV smoking away with the windows of the vehicle open.  I am annoyed that stinky cigarette smoke is filling my car.  If that’s not enough, the light turns green, and they both flick their lit cigarettes out the window … to join a growing pile of butts lining the curb.  As they turned, I noticed a business decal on the side of the van.  So – to the two ladies driving that silvery blue SUV with the “Irrigation Specialists” logo on the side in Herndon, Virginia today at about 11:00 a.m. — You are the litterbug piggies of the day.

A little while later, I came across the same phenomenon.  Two women smoking, the light changes, they flick the cigarettes out the window.  I came to the conclusion that they probably were ditching the cigs because they had to call someone on their cellphone while they were driving and couldn’t do all three things (drive, smoke and talk on the cellphone).  You two are Litterbug Piggy Runners Up of the Day.

Now.  To the idiots that live around me.  I have two large dogs that poop large piles on a daily basis.  Sometimes, twice a day!  And, I PICK IT UP.  I don’t take my dogs out unless I have a couple of poop bags in my pocket.  I have them stashed in my car.  I keep them under the sink and in my dog-walking-cold-weather-coat.  How hard is it for you IDIOTS to pick up your dog’s poop?  If it smells, don’t breathe.

6 thoughts on “I See Litterbugs, They’re Everywhere!

  1. OMG we can’t agree more on the pick-up-the-poop issue. Yesterday some nimrod watched his dog poop, right by us. He JUST WATCHED. Then he started to walk away. I tried to make my voice sound cheery: HEY! I’ve got a poop bag and you can have it!

    He was so startled. And embarrassed I hope.



  2. The city where I live finally started “issuing” wheeled trash bins with hinged lids to all residents a couple of years ago. I’m not sure how much they’ve improved things because most folks in my neighborhood were already pretty good about keeping a lid on their trash. In other areas, though it may have had an impact.

    Of course, we also have a citywide ordinance that says thou shalt clean up after your dog that’s routinely ignored by many. I once had one particularly annoying neighbor that would walk his barking mop through the lower part of my yard (I live on a hill) letting him use it as his personal dumping ground. And unfortunately “subtle” was wasted on this guy. But after a point blank please don’t leave your dogsh*t in my yard, he (I think) got the message. Some unknown person or persons have replaced him though. I still find piles in that part of the yard.

    And I had to laugh when you mentioned your “stashes” of “crap-wrappers”. I have them stashed all over too!


  3. I carry a pooper soocper empty newspaper sleeve when Adi and/or Katrin walk. But I don’t use it if the dogs will do their duties in/on a empty lot. People need to be careful where they step if they are walking through the weeds is what I say about that.
    Missed your WW, but thanks for your visit and nice comment. I see why you missed, you were too busy finding and posting all those oldie pictures. :-)


  4. I so agree with you! People are gross. Smokers tend to be such pigs. Just flick their cancer sticks wherever they please. If they love the stench so much, they need to just keep their windows closed tightly and put them out in their car. :( Why should the rest of us have to suffer?


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