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Spring Cleaning ~ Just Hit The Delete Button Already!

I decided to clean out some old e-mails.  I had no idea that across five different e-mail accounts that I had amassed over 3,000 e-mails going back to the advent of time, or when I bought this computer in 2011. I decided to sort them by sender and delete all of the crap first.  Then … Continue reading

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I Give Up ….

Clover and Cosmo went to daycare yesterday, and I didn’t feel any guilt over spending the morning shopping some mega yardsales.  When we got home yesterday afternoon, they both look as tired as me. Both of them slept on the bed last night, as did I!  And all three of us snored up a storm! I have come to … Continue reading

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Yard Sale Karma and the Painting Nabber

Originally blogged in March 2008.  Being reprinted for your reading pleasure. Karma and The Painting Nabber A while ago, I stopped at a great yard sale in Cherrydale (Arlington, VA). Its a great old community with mixed housing of single family homes, townhouses, apartments. There are always good sales in Cherrydale, but I like the organized … Continue reading