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This morning at exactly t-minus 30 seconds (or so) and counting, I called my mom (in Florida): Me:         Morning, Dad!  Is Mom there? Tell her to get on the phone and to hurry up! Dad:       Goooooood Morning, Sunshine!  She’s right here, hold on.  Dad:       [Yelling]  Iris!  It’s your oldest daughter!  She said hurry up! Mom:      I’m … Continue reading

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An Earthquake and a Hurricane All In One Week. What’s next, plague and pestilence?

Me:  HEY! Dad! We just had an earthquake!  Dad:  Huh? What? Me:  You heard me, we had an earthquake!  The whole house was shaking! The sound was horrible.  Dad:  Huh?  A What? Me:  AN EARTHQUAKE for God’s sake!  At first, I thought a plane was crashing on top of me!  I thought it was the … Continue reading