We’re Back !!  Auggie Loves Himself some Watermelon
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We’re Back !! Auggie Loves Himself some Watermelon

I keep thinking that blogging is passé.  There’s the old-fashioned blog, along with Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, and others.  There are so many ways of expressing yourself online that its hard to decide which direction to take. I like Tumblr a lot.  I think its a great platform for expression.  I just don’t think its the right … Continue reading

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Stuff Dogs Like – Chewing!

  chew 1.   to crush or grind with the teeth; masticate. 2. to crush, damage, injure, etc., as if by chewing. 3. to make by or as if by chewing: The puppy chewed a hole in my slipper.    The puppy chewed a hole in my slipper!  How prophetic is that?  Chewing.  We all do it, … Continue reading

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Stuff Dogs Like – Watermelon!

First, let me say it is safe for the dog(s) to eat watermelon, just don’t overdo it, ok? My neighbor gave me a watermelon, some tomatoes, and also some blackberries on Sunday.  The tomatoes are gone, as are the blackberries, but I only just sliced up half of the watermelon this morning. Cosmo has become a … Continue reading

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Clover Likes To Carry Stuff

Clover likes to carry things.  She has a preference for stuffed animals, but will grab anything nearby so as not to answer the front door empty-mouthed.  She will run around the house like a nut-job looking for something to bring to the front door.  Its really pretty funny when she barks with a mouth-full of … Continue reading