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Shadow Shot Sunday – Its All About Clover’s Tail



26 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Its All About Clover’s Tail

  1. What a wonderful dog!
    I had a chocolate lab as a child.
    What strength and energy – in good ways …….and sometimes a little tiring!
    But what characters!


  2. How gorgeous Clover is! A beautiful photo, & I love the little red leaf beside Clover’s shadow tail :)

    Hey Harriet! Thanks for the MEME – Shadow Shot Sunday is a lot of fun!


  3. Great photo! Sadie would love to be in the water too but it’s so cold here suddenly!!

    Hi Robyn! We’ve missed you around here! Clover has a little more fur than Sadie does, so the cold really doesn’t bother here much at all.


  4. My first thought was “Clover the Sundial”. What a great shot. And thanks for stopping in and wishing Tonka a happy birthday. He’d thank you himself but he has issues with typing.


  5. Rios, our 14-year-old Aussie, loves Tulip the lab, and is learning to follow her with his eyes shut to avoid getting whacked in the face. (The fact that is nose is always checking out her butt has something to do with this.)


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