Destroyed by Dogs


  • My favorite (and most comfortable) black slip-on shoes (ate the right shoe).
  • The same shoes in red (ate both of ’em).
  • The same shoes in khaki (only the right one).
  • A pair of eye glasses – never did find the lenses.
  • A black leather hat. Only the hatband was left.
  • Styrofoam package inserts.
  • Pound of Butter (stolen off of the kitchen table).
  • A box of cookies (” ” ” ” ).
  • Countless toys and balls.
  • Package of new Stayfree pads.
  • The drywall in the hallway in the house in Dublin. She ate holes in the drywall, and then ate the patches, too!
  • A hand-beaded headband (that I bought in Uganda). Her poop sparkled (the beads) for a few days.
  • Really pretty spider plant that I had been growing for a couple of years – it was huge.
  • The siding on my parents’ house by the back door: scratched, dented, and partially removed.
  • The door frame in my parents’ garage.
  • The door and frame in my kitchen in Ireland.
  • LINOLEUM Floor!
  • The wooden handles on some tools – hammer and saw – “Eat the handle, leave the tool behind.”
  • Wood lathe plaster & wall at a friend’s house. Clover and her litter mate decided to redecorate.
  • The wood beading on the floor moulding in the living room in Dublin. She ate just the tiny beading .. all around the room where she could reach.
  • Carton of Marlboro Lights.
  • Anything that came through the mail slot in the front door. Instant Nescafe coffee samples – Woohoo! Caffeine.
  • A Leather Belt.
  • Chewed the toes off a of a rather large wood African statue.
  • A very large wicker basket.
  • Chewed the zippers out of a couple of throw pillows and attacked the stuffing.
  • Six rose bushes (in Dublin)
  • A tree (Dublin, again)
  • My mom’s vegetable garden in Florida – destroyed
  • My favorite Annie Hall-style hat.
  • Two soccer balls


  • He once chewed a hole in a bath towel that I left on the floor in the bathroom.

Things Clover has destroyed since Cosmo moved in

18 thoughts on “Destroyed by Dogs

  1. I’m not sure why my list is getting so many hits on Google, but would love to hear from some of the folks finding their way here …


    • I typed into google “traveling with dogs” and yours came up with some info. Thanks by the way very helpful :)
      Milly – Australia


    • Hi, I came your way looking for yogurt dog treats, just so happens i have some yogurt to use.. also the other recipes look good going to try them out. I also have gone through plants, furniture, walls, windows, fences, On my the list goes on,,,, each year is a different story-But I love em so I keep em. They are my “kids”. I have 3 from the pound. Elsa-border collie-german shepard-Zoey-german shepard- and merlin-austrialian shepard mix. They are a joy to me, besides being a pain, sometimes. Take heart in the pleasures. Thanks, bye now.


  2. My little Lhasa just destroyed the door frame at my in-laws house while we were at lunch. It’s not funny right now but I’m sure it will be. Your list made me feel better and not quite as horrible of a puppy mommy.

    Beth, I’m sorry you had such an experience. The one thing that I wish I had done with Clover was crate train her. You might want to try that with your pup. I know they sell some really nice collapsible dog crates .. I use one when I travel for Cosmo. Take care!


  3. I dearly love the photo of “Innocent Dog . . .”. I laughed out loud! Cute web site. SuZQ
    ps (Pssst — I’m a cat person myself (meow)


  4. A beautiful bentwood rocker, completely destroyed.
    Kitchen table and chairs all have teeth marks.
    4 wooden baby gates many pieces.
    2 crates–chewed through
    A kitchen floor, yep ate the entire floor. I now have ceramic tile…
    Wood trim around every door as high as the dog could reach
    Ate the entire back off a sofa, FROM INSIDE A CRATE THAT WAS AT LEAST A FOOT AWAY FROM THE SOFA…you figure that one out, we never did.
    Unplugged a lamp and ate 4 feet of the electrical cord.
    Every pair of shoes I owned.
    Superball…cost of surgery $750.00
    Nylabone…cost of surgery $800.00
    I think I’ll stop there…but the list could go on forever.

    English Bull Terriers–got ta love them!


  5. Hiya,
    your blog was posted in the WordPress list of “Growing Blogs”, since I am a dog lover / owner myself I wanted to take a look. I will definitely bookmark.

    Thats how I ended up here. Dont know about the rest. :-)



  6. My Aussie at 18 months ate the whole side off the building at the boarding kennel. I learned this six months later, when I called for another stay. “Oh, your dogs are not welcome here anymore.” Gee, nothing like being blackballed from a dog kennel!


  7. I once had a female rottweiler who was put in a room separate from her puppies while the vet came over to dock their tails. We took the opportunity to take pictures of each of them. There were nine puppies. By puppy number 7, mama dog had run up to us, and started thoroughly the babies. We ran to check the door. It was a third of the way gone, mostly chewed up, but partially eaten, and hanging off one hinge. Devoted mama!


  8. My 6 month old Leonberger chewed through the bottom of her crate. We put in plywood until we could replace the crate bottom and she chewed through the middle of it. Went to take her outside and caught the cat chewing the same hole in the wood! Now today she has chewed through the linoleum floor!!!! She chews walls. Not the edge of the wall, but right in the chewy middle!!! What to do?


  9. Pingback: crate training?????

  10. My eleven month old Cardigan Corgi puppy just destroyed my $400 eye glasses. Not the most expensive thing shes ruined but not something anyone ever wants to wake up to. Lol. : ) All the same after reading your list I feel a bit better about it.


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