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Snow Dogs!

Its nice and warm inside, so I have no idea why Cosmo wants to be outside!  He has been whining at the back door all morning, and I’ve let them both out a couple of times.  Each visit to the Winter Wonderland in our backyard seems to invigorate him.  He has been doing a great … Continue reading

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Weekly Vintage Square Shared: Sitting on the Fender- Virginia, 1939

I really like this photo — the look of innocence on the young girl’s face, hands folded neatly in her lap, ankles crossed, knees together; the look of slight impatience on the young man’s face with his slicked-back hair and big ears.  Were they boyfriend and girlfriend? Or, brother and sister?  Who took the picture? … Continue reading

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Daily Vintage Square Morphs Into Weekly Vintage Square Shared

I have a collection of vintage photos and post cards, and for a while I was posting them on another blog called “Daily Vintage Square.”  It all got to be a bit too much keeping track of two blogs, then another third photography blog, and then another personal journal.  Yikes! Talk about overextending to the … Continue reading