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Stuff Dogs Like – Chewing!

  chew 1.   to crush or grind with the teeth; masticate. 2. to crush, damage, injure, etc., as if by chewing. 3. to make by or as if by chewing: The puppy chewed a hole in my slipper.    The puppy chewed a hole in my slipper!  How prophetic is that?  Chewing.  We all do it, … Continue reading

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Stuff Dogs Like – Music vs. Talk Radio!

When Clover was a puppy and in the process of destroying my home piece by piece, someone at work told me that if I left the radio on for her, the music would “soothe the savage beastie.”  At that point, I decided “what the heck, it can’t hurt.” The first day, I tuned the radio … Continue reading

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I’ll get you, my pretty … Or, Payback is Hell

After 3 weeks of 24/7 with the dogs, I headed back to work this past week, picking up the old schedule and habits. If I had known Clover was going to go mental on me, I would have medicated her during the day Monday so she would have been fairly relaxed by the time I … Continue reading

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The Little Menace Next Door

After my parents headed back to Florida, I started doing the things that a new homeowner does like unpacking, hanging pictures, and unpacking, and … well you get the idea. Clover seemed to be happy to be back home with me, that was of course, when the Little Menace next door wasn’t barking its head … Continue reading