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Buy and Bail, or “Let’s Screw Up the Mortgage Industry Even More”

I saw a news bit on television yesterday about something called “Buy and Bail.” Apparently, folks that bought homes at inflated prices with adjustable rate mortgages in the last couple of years are now buying new, more affordable homes with new fixed-rate mortgages. Once they close on the second house’s mortgage, they quit paying on … Continue reading

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Hypermiling Update, or “Is it really worth it?” or, “What is that sucking sound I hear?”

To answer the question, “Is it really worth it?”, I would say yes. I drive a 2005 Ford Escape (non-hybrid). Before I started using some of the hypermiling tactics, I was getting 21 miles per gallon. Now, after a week of trying to hypermile but not always succeeding, I calculated my mileage at 25 mpg. … Continue reading