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Recipe Roadmap No. 1 – Anchovy Eclairs

I recently bought “The Gold Cook Book” by Louis P. De Gouy first published in 1947, mine is the 5th printing from July 1950.  I was intrigued by the book, and I haven’t been disappointed.  The recipes are more a road map to fixing an interesting dish as opposed to being step-by-step instructions.  Our tastes … Continue reading

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I Haven’t Been Cooking Much Because My Teeth Hurt

I am in the middle of major dental work, and I really haven’t felt much like cooking anything that needs chewing.  Kind of lets out a few things, doesn’t it?  I’ve got three more weeks, and then I’m done.  Woohoo!  I plan to start up the weekly cooking challenge after the dentist is through inflicting … Continue reading

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Thrifty Finds & Treasures *8/10/8*

Can someone explain to me the cookbook phenomenon? I have sold or donated about 50 cookbooks in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday, I bought 9 to help fill up the gap in the bookcase. Its a sickness I tell ‘ya. I only stopped at one yard sale yesterday sort of by accident on the … Continue reading