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Stuff Dogs Like – Butt Tucking! The Crazies! Zooms!

What exactly is “butt-tucking”, you ask? First, not all Labs do the butt-tucking thing, and some of them tend to grow out of this funny behavior as they grow older.  Butt-tucking or “The Crazies,” or “The Zooms” as I named this wacky behavior is really quite fun to watch.  It happens when the dog kind … Continue reading

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A Dork No More! Watch Out Michael Phelps, Cosmo Can Swim!

I never thought it would happen.  Cosmo swam.  In the lake.  Without the life preserver.  Almost drowned Clover by pushing her under, but in the end it all worked out.  Of course, the Dork only figured out that swimming is fun on the last day of our vacation! I finally figured out what Cosmo’s problems … Continue reading