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A Conversation With My Dad; “Don’t forget your pills …”

My dad seems to be recovering from his procedure well.  He is moving around better, and my mom said he’s driving again.  We’ve had “the talk” about dad’s driving, and my mom keeps an eye on him.  He’s limited himself to driving only during the daylight, and only on certain routes that he knows well.  Neither … Continue reading

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Mom Called; or, “Your dad is losing it, you know.”

I had a conversation with my mom last week that bothered me a little.  I know my dad is old.  I know that he has dementia or “a touch” of Alzheimer’s.  Whatever it is, it’s causing him to occasionally act odd, say weird things, and drive like a Jeff Gordon Wannabe.  He is changing, sometimes for the … Continue reading

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Oh, the Stories a Geriatrican Could Tell; or, Your Dad’s Getting a Mammogram

My mom called earlier this evening just to check in and see what I was up to all day.  She really wants to come for a visit, but can’t leave my dad alone for long these days as his patience is short, and he gets confused easily.  He also needs to stay off the main highway, … Continue reading