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Hey Harriet! Do You Have a Snow Blower I Can Borrow?

I have made three trips outside to shovel clean my sidewalk which is the only way to get to the vehicle.  Oh, by the way, the SUV is buried!  The HOA contracts with someone to plow the parking lot on an as needed basis.  From the look of it, the last time the lot was … Continue reading

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Snowmageddon! Snowpocalypse! Snowdogs!

I haven’t been out to start the shoveling today, mainly because I can’t get the front door open.  Well, I could if I tried hard enough, but I really don’t want to even try at the moment. The amount of snow in the backyard at the moment is 26 inches, and we are expecting another … Continue reading

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Weekly Vintage Square Shared: “Dodge Sedan” Streetcar, March 1934

On the lower left front of the streetcar, it is marked “Dodge Sedan,” and on the back of the photo it is marked “March 1934.”  That’s it.  No further information.  No idea where the photo was taken, and believe me I’ve done some major “googling.”   I like the composition of this photo, the grainy, dirty, … Continue reading