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Mom Called, She Wanted to Know if the Roof Blew of the House; and “We Dont Need a Puppy, So Hang Up the Phone”

My parents have been instructed to NEVER call me at work unless it is an emergency, as in someone has died, they won the lottery (again), or we went to war with the neighbors over oil and gas rights.  This evening, my desk phone rang, and when I looked over and saw the phone number, … Continue reading

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Snowmageddon! Snowpocalypse! Snowdogs!

I haven’t been out to start the shoveling today, mainly because I can’t get the front door open.  Well, I could if I tried hard enough, but I really don’t want to even try at the moment. The amount of snow in the backyard at the moment is 26 inches, and we are expecting another … Continue reading

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Snow Dogs!

Its nice and warm inside, so I have no idea why Cosmo wants to be outside!  He has been whining at the back door all morning, and I’ve let them both out a couple of times.  Each visit to the Winter Wonderland in our backyard seems to invigorate him.  He has been doing a great … Continue reading