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Wanna Puppy, Little Girl? My Public Service Announcement (Reprint/Reminder)

Originally posted 12/2/2008. I spoke with my mom last night.  She said one of her neighbors young daughter was out walking an “adorable” black lab puppy yesterday afternoon.  My mom stopped to talk with the girl, and to ooh and ahhh over the puppy.  The young girl (12 or 13) was not enjoying the walk, … Continue reading

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Stuff Dogs Like – Visits to the Vet!

I know that a lot of dogs are scared spitless by a visit to the veterinarian, but my two dogs actually like visiting the vets. Go figure. The two latests visits to the vets, one for Clover and one for Cosmo, = way more than my car payment, five times the amount MY doctor charges … Continue reading

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Hey Nice Lady – Get Me The Valium Quick!

Late last November, I took both dogs to the dog park for an hour or two of exercise in the cold crisp weather. It was a gorgeous day even if I was bundled up and looking like the Michelin Tire Man. But in red instead of white. There was one other lady at the park … Continue reading