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Woohoo! Road Trip! Don’t forget the Dork!

Clover here: Just thought I would let you know that something is afoot around here and I haven’t been able to quite figure it all out.  Your Woman has been very busy! She’s was looking in the closet for something, and has been collecting up our toys and other things.  She was mumbling about having … Continue reading

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Hypermiling Update, or “Is it really worth it?” or, “What is that sucking sound I hear?”

To answer the question, “Is it really worth it?”, I would say yes. I drive a 2005 Ford Escape (non-hybrid). Before I started using some of the hypermiling tactics, I was getting 21 miles per gallon. Now, after a week of trying to hypermile but not always succeeding, I calculated my mileage at 25 mpg. … Continue reading

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Dog Can Scare Me

I’ve made about 15 road trips to Florida over the last 5 years first with Clover, and more recently with Clover and Cosmo, happily ensconced in the back seat for almost 1,000 miles. Clover is a great traveler. She enjoys the car, does not get car sick, and she understands the concept of short pit … Continue reading