We’re Back !!  Auggie Loves Himself some Watermelon
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We’re Back !! Auggie Loves Himself some Watermelon

I keep thinking that blogging is passé.  There’s the old-fashioned blog, along with Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, and others.  There are so many ways of expressing yourself online that its hard to decide which direction to take. I like Tumblr a lot.  I think its a great platform for expression.  I just don’t think its the right … Continue reading

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Summer Heat, Friends at the Beach, early-1900’s; or, “Man! These Are Some Seriously Werid Bathing Suits!”

Another photo from my collection of “found photos.”  I have absolutely no idea where or when this photo was taken, but am thankful that fashion has progressed a bit since this photo was snapped! Do you think the lady on the right knows that her suit is “see through?”  Continue reading