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Weekly Vintage Square Shared: Sitting on the Fender- Virginia, 1939

I really like this photo — the look of innocence on the young girl’s face, hands folded neatly in her lap, ankles crossed, knees together; the look of slight impatience on the young man’s face with his slicked-back hair and big ears.  Were they boyfriend and girlfriend? Or, brother and sister?  Who took the picture? … Continue reading

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Daily Vintage Square Morphs Into Weekly Vintage Square Shared

I have a collection of vintage photos and post cards, and for a while I was posting them on another blog called “Daily Vintage Square.”  It all got to be a bit too much keeping track of two blogs, then another third photography blog, and then another personal journal.  Yikes! Talk about overextending to the … Continue reading

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Hey, Little Guy, Check it out!

I love this photo.  It is from back when Cosmo was just a puppy.  It always makes me laugh.  Its like Clover is saying, “Hey Cosmo, check this out.  Do you see any squirrels?  Who’s out there?  Let me show you what to bark at, ok?” Continue reading

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Hey Harriet! Check Out the Shadow Rose!

This is an old newspaper rendition of a rose that I found in a large envelope last year at the county recycle center. The envelope was marked “Evelyn” and had many cut out roses from newspapers and magazines from the 1940’s.  I think this is one of my favorites. Continue reading