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59 Years and Still Going Strong (most of the time …)

These photos were taken at my mom’s wedding shower March 1952.  On the left, coming through the door is my mother, hiding to her right is her older sister Pat and sitting down is my dad’s mother Helen, and his sister Mary Ellen.  Bringing up the rear behind my mom, you can catch a glimpse of … Continue reading

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Mom Called; or, “Your dad is losing it, you know.”

I had a conversation with my mom last week that bothered me a little.  I know my dad is old.  I know that he has dementia or “a touch” of Alzheimer’s.  Whatever it is, it’s causing him to occasionally act odd, say weird things, and drive like a Jeff Gordon Wannabe.  He is changing, sometimes for the … Continue reading

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Welcome the New Sofa, Clover is Whingey, An Update …

I like it. It is comfortable and looks good in my living room with the new paint scheme.  (Photo pilfered from the store’s web page.)  When they delivered it on Thursday, I had the dogs upstairs to keep them out of the way.  The delivery guys were here for all total 15 minutes, and when … Continue reading