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10 Honest Things About Me by Cosmo

I was tagged by Bruce at Bruce’s Paws Blog and awarded the Honest Scrap award.  I have already posted Clover’s 10 Honest Things.  Here are Cosmos’s 10 Honest Things: I was born in Virginia and my human “rescued” me from an idiot that thought giving me as a Christmas gift to her little kid was … Continue reading

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Camera Critters — ASPCA (short) Video on Christmas Puppies & Puppy Mill Info – Please Watch!

I found this video to be informative and inoffensive.  Please take a look.  Nothing on the video to break your heart, just to help share some facts about puppies! Here is a link to another of my posts about Christmas Puppies. Continue reading

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Stuff Dogs Like – Visits to the Vet!

I know that a lot of dogs are scared spitless by a visit to the veterinarian, but my two dogs actually like visiting the vets. Go figure. The two latests visits to the vets, one for Clover and one for Cosmo, = way more than my car payment, five times the amount MY doctor charges … Continue reading

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The Joy of Chasing and Running

Cosmo was a very unremarkable (in the destruction department), totally wonderful, easily trained, and extremely lovable puppy (still is). He was such a welcome change from the puppy period known as “Clover Crazies”. The big difference between Cosmo and Clover as puppies? I crate trained Coz. For the first year, his home was the big … Continue reading