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Hey Harriet! A Vintage Shadow in the (Orange? Olive? Avacado?) Grove

A while ago, I had another blog where I posted vintage photos and postcards that I’ve collected.  I neglected that blog a lot when I started feeling so crappy back in 2009.  I eventually gave it up altogether.  I do, however, still have the collection of photos and cards, and I think I will post some of them … Continue reading

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Hey Harriet! Check Out Today’s Enthusiastic (not) Shadow Mutts!

As you all know, my dogs are my favorite photo subjects.  Its pretty obvious, right?  A couple of weeks ago, I snapped these photos specifically because of the shadows.  Not great photography, but nonetheless, it captures the mood.  As in, “go away and leave me alone, will ‘ya?” I also wanted to add that the … Continue reading

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Hey Harriet! Do You Have a Snow Blower I Can Borrow?

I have made three trips outside to shovel clean my sidewalk which is the only way to get to the vehicle.  Oh, by the way, the SUV is buried!  The HOA contracts with someone to plow the parking lot on an as needed basis.  From the look of it, the last time the lot was … Continue reading