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Mom Called, She Wanted to Know if the Roof Blew of the House; and “We Dont Need a Puppy, So Hang Up the Phone”

My parents have been instructed to NEVER call me at work unless it is an emergency, as in someone has died, they won the lottery (again), or we went to war with the neighbors over oil and gas rights.  This evening, my desk phone rang, and when I looked over and saw the phone number, … Continue reading

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A True Freaking Story! Just Ask My Mom … Or the Easter Bunny.

My 78-year-old mother  called me yesterday, and this is the way the phone conversation went: Mom:  yada yada yada yada yada. Me:  yada yada Mom: Ok. Yada yada.  Want to hear something really freaky? Me:  Sure mom. What’s so freaky down there in Florida? Mom:  Well.  Last night your dad and I were watching tv … Continue reading