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An Earthquake and a Hurricane All In One Week. What’s next, plague and pestilence?

Me:  HEY! Dad! We just had an earthquake!  Dad:  Huh? What? Me:  You heard me, we had an earthquake!  The whole house was shaking! The sound was horrible.  Dad:  Huh?  A What? Me:  AN EARTHQUAKE for God’s sake!  At first, I thought a plane was crashing on top of me!  I thought it was the … Continue reading

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59 Years and Still Going Strong (most of the time …)

These photos were taken at my mom’s wedding shower March 1952.  On the left, coming through the door is my mother, hiding to her right is her older sister Pat and sitting down is my dad’s mother Helen, and his sister Mary Ellen.  Bringing up the rear behind my mom, you can catch a glimpse of … Continue reading

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A Conversation With My Dad; “Don’t forget your pills …”

My dad seems to be recovering from his procedure well.  He is moving around better, and my mom said he’s driving again.  We’ve had “the talk” about dad’s driving, and my mom keeps an eye on him.  He’s limited himself to driving only during the daylight, and only on certain routes that he knows well.  Neither … Continue reading

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Mom Called All Upset; or, “YOUR NIECE GOT A TATTOO!”

My mom called me at work Friday evening, and when I answered the phone I could tell she was upset because she sounded like she had been crying.  Here’s how the conversation went: Mom:   Did your sister tell you that Courtney [sister’s daughter] got a tattoo? Me:  No, she didn’t mention it.  What’s going on?  Why are … Continue reading