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Road Kill of a Different Kind; or, “Is that a dead squirrel or a toupé?”

Have you ever wondered about the crap that you see lying along the highway?  Or the trash that you see curbside? Or anywhere else you might pass on a daily basis? I think about these things all the time. A while back, I pulled into a parking spot at the local grocery store and when … Continue reading

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How White Peaches Saved Our Family Vacation From Being A Total Disaster

I know with a lot of people, summer time means watermelon, but for me it means peaches.  I suppose I have a fondness for white peaches … One summer my parents loaded my sister and me into the used early-1960’s Chrysler New Yorker that my dad had recently bought from his boss.  My dad hated … Continue reading

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Stuff Dogs Like – Rides in the Car!

I don’t think I have ever met a dog that didn’t like taking a ride in a car. Even the ones that get car sick still like to jump into the back seat and go cruising. Let’s go! Wanna go for a ride in the car? These phrases have the ability to make my dogs … Continue reading

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Extreme Hypermiling, Illegal?

I’ve always thought that anything taken to the extreme is probably not good. Apparently the police think this way too. In my opinion, common sense is probably the first step in saving gas and boosting gas mileage. Courtesy of the CBS Morning Show: posted with vodpod Continue reading

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Slug, Slugger, Slugging, Slug Line, or “A Cheap Way To Commute”

The first time I heard about slugging was when I moved to the Northern Virginia area. I was talking with a colleague who asked where I was living, and after commenting about my long commute, he suggested that I might look into slugging. There is a convoluted reason for the name “Slug” and how it … Continue reading