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Mom Called, She Wanted to Know if the Roof Blew of the House; and “We Dont Need a Puppy, So Hang Up the Phone”

My parents have been instructed to NEVER call me at work unless it is an emergency, as in someone has died, they won the lottery (again), or we went to war with the neighbors over oil and gas rights.  This evening, my desk phone rang, and when I looked over and saw the phone number, … Continue reading

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1910 – City Pound Puppy Postcard “I Don’t Want to Be An Angel”

This is another card from the Bertha (and Jim) Dicus  of Alanson, Michigan collection. The message on this card reads: “All Well … Hope you the same.  It is muddy here looks like more rain” and it is unsigned.  The postmark is partially unreadable and is marked 1910. This card by V. Colby was part … Continue reading

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Wanna Puppy, Little Girl? My Public Service Announcement (Reprint/Reminder)

Originally posted 12/2/2008. I spoke with my mom last night.  She said one of her neighbors young daughter was out walking an “adorable” black lab puppy yesterday afternoon.  My mom stopped to talk with the girl, and to ooh and ahhh over the puppy.  The young girl (12 or 13) was not enjoying the walk, … Continue reading

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10 Honest Things About Me by Cosmo

I was tagged by Bruce at Bruce’s Paws Blog and awarded the Honest Scrap award.  I have already posted Clover’s 10 Honest Things.  Here are Cosmos’s 10 Honest Things: I was born in Virginia and my human “rescued” me from an idiot that thought giving me as a Christmas gift to her little kid was … Continue reading

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Camera Critters — ASPCA (short) Video on Christmas Puppies & Puppy Mill Info – Please Watch!

I found this video to be informative and inoffensive.  Please take a look.  Nothing on the video to break your heart, just to help share some facts about puppies! Here is a link to another of my posts about Christmas Puppies. Continue reading