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Clover! Will you please STFU!

A few years ago, and BC (Before Cosmo), it was a lovely October evening with a light breeze.  We were upstairs with the windows open, vegging out in front of the TV.  Relaxing, right?  Ah ha!  Not so! Clover started with a couple of low growls followed by a couple of loud barks.  All of a … Continue reading

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Stuff Dogs Like – Music vs. Talk Radio!

When Clover was a puppy and in the process of destroying my home piece by piece, someone at work told me that if I left the radio on for her, the music would “soothe the savage beastie.”  At that point, I decided “what the heck, it can’t hurt.” The first day, I tuned the radio … Continue reading

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July 4th – Fireworks – Keep Your Dog(s) Safe, Please!

Courtesy of the ASPCA – here are some guidelines for keeping your dog(s) safe during the upcoming July 4th celebrations.  Cosmo will sit by my side with his head in my lap, or snoozing away during the whole thing.  Clover, on the other hand, will be medicated and hopefully sleeping in the bath tub or … Continue reading

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Stuff Dogs Like – Trips to the Dog Park!

Our first trip to the dog park was only a mild success. The only good thing about that park was the fact that it was fenced.  No running water, no grass (think mud), and a creepy walk past some big dumpsters and through an even creepier wooded area.  Clover wasn’t sure exactly what was expected … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, Now Get Back to Blogging!

My sister called yesterday, not to wish me a Happy New Year, but to give me grief over not updating my blog lately.   She said she was bored and since she checks my blog every day, she was wondering if I was ever going to get back to the job at-hand. I tried to explain, … Continue reading

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Camera Critters — ASPCA (short) Video on Christmas Puppies & Puppy Mill Info – Please Watch!

I found this video to be informative and inoffensive.  Please take a look.  Nothing on the video to break your heart, just to help share some facts about puppies! Here is a link to another of my posts about Christmas Puppies. Continue reading