The Ugliest Family In The World’s Ugly Relatives!!
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The Ugliest Family In The World’s Ugly Relatives!!

I found this ceramic family at a thrift store near my parents’ home in Florida when I visited them for Christmas 2012.  I dubbed them the Ugliest Family in the World, and moved on to other crap I could live without. Now, if you would please fast forward to last week (February 2014) and imagine … Continue reading

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Farewell to the “C”rap of 2011

. I am hopeful for a quiet, uneventful, healthy 2012, because 2011 just plain sucked.  In February, I noticed that Cosmo spent a lot of time leaning on me and putting his head in my lap with his nose constantly sniffing at a red mark on my forearm.  He got to be a giant pest about it, … Continue reading

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some additional randomcrap

1.  I went to my neurologist last week.  I am still a “very complicated” patient in his opinion.  I don’t mind being complicated, I mind having M.S.  It seems that we have found a good balance with the medications I’ve been taking, and have added some magnesium and a good multivitamin to the mix.  I … Continue reading