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Camera Critters — ASPCA (short) Video on Christmas Puppies & Puppy Mill Info – Please Watch!

I found this video to be informative and inoffensive.  Please take a look.  Nothing on the video to break your heart, just to help share some facts about puppies! Here is a link to another of my posts about Christmas Puppies. Advertisements Continue reading

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Tail Splitting Vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Clover here.  A quick update.  We made it.  The drive wasn’t too bad, your woman stopped a couple of times to let us out and walk around and use the facilities.  Cosmo was a real pain and he wouldn’t let me stretch out in the back seat, so I sat up most of the way.  … Continue reading

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How? Why? Huh? Who Cares? Search me!

I got to wondering recently, what search term are bringing readers to my blog? WordPress makes it pretty easy to track this stuff, so I thought I would share. Links provided, too. Dog : Well, that makes sense, since the blog is mostly about my dogs, Garden Totems : Yep! number two on the hit … Continue reading

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Wild Weather Wacky Dogs

The weather that came through Northern Virginia and Maryland yesterday afternoon was wild! As I was about ready to get ready for work around 2:30 p.m., Clover jumped up off the floor, looked around and flew up the stairs and headed straight for her closet. Cosmo jumped up on the back of the couch so … Continue reading