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Summer Heat, Friends at the Beach, early-1900’s; or, “Man! These Are Some Seriously Werid Bathing Suits!”

Another photo from my collection of “found photos.”  I have absolutely no idea where or when this photo was taken, but am thankful that fashion has progressed a bit since this photo was snapped! Do you think the lady on the right knows that her suit is “see through?”  Continue reading

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Weekly Vintage Square Shared: “Dodge Sedan” Streetcar, March 1934

On the lower left front of the streetcar, it is marked “Dodge Sedan,” and on the back of the photo it is marked “March 1934.”  That’s it.  No further information.  No idea where the photo was taken, and believe me I’ve done some major “googling.”   I like the composition of this photo, the grainy, dirty, … Continue reading