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Auggie & Birdie


Birdie the excavator!

I’ve moved the laptop to the family room where I spend most of my time these days and I’m hoping that having the machine close by it will motivate me to blog more often.  It has been a busy year since Birdie joined the family.  Having a puppy is always a lot of work, and she is almost 15 months old and starting to settle down a bit.

Now that Birdie is almost full-grown (76 pounds) and as tall as Auggie (105 pounds) she thinks its great fun to stalk him when he’s out in the yard and jump on him.  Auggie, however, does not appreciate her exuberance.  She jumped on him and hurt his back a few months ago, and now won’t go out in the yard when she is out there!  

Birdie is a digger.  She has gone from holes to trenches to craters.  Large areas to the yard are devoid of grass of any kind, and she loves the dirt, too.  She rolls in it, lies in it, eats it, and of course digs in it.  She has learned to stand nicely while I wipe her down or hose her off to get rid of the dirt.  

Auggie is currently at the vet having a couple of mast cell tumors removed.  The vet called a little while ago to say that the larger tumor on his chest was sitting right next to the jugular vein!  He’s in recovery, and I get to pick him up later this afternoon.  The pathology report will be back in about two weeks. 


Auggie has had some serious medical issues the last couple of years including MRSP (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius, previously known as Staph intermedius).  The medication for treating the MRSP caused kidney failure and liver problems.  As a result, it was really tough to get rid of the infection which came back a couple of times, and to get him healthy.  Getting Auggie healthy has been expensive and a lot of work.  Ear infections, pancreatitis, and staph infections. 

I would really like this poor dog (and my wallet) to go a whole month without a visit to the vet.  




One thought on “Auggie & Birdie

  1. Charlee: “Hello Birdie! I have heard we used to have a puppy here who was quite the digger. You can still see some of her holes out in the backyard.”
    Chaplin: “We’re sorry to hear about Auggie’s health issues. We are sending lots of purrs that Auggie and your wallet stay healthy for a good long time now!”


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