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TwoBarkingDogs is about to be just that again …

I have been MIA for almost a year. That’s all on me, and the fact that life sometimes take over and smacks us around a bit.  When I retired two years ago, I came back to Florida to help my parents.  We had a couple of trips to the emergency room for falls, and a longer stay in the hospital about a year ago.  In June, my dad passed away after a couple of years of seriously failing health.  He was in home hospice for about two months before he passed at the age of 90!  My mom’s health is pretty good, her memory not so much. She’s going to be 87 soon, and she’s pretty wobbly on her feet. Can you bubble wrap a person?  If so, please send me instructions or a youtube video.

Auggie himself was pretty sick last year with a bout of pancreatitis followed by kidney and liver issues which were exacerbated by antibiotics (gentamicin) for a skin infection that turned out to be MSRP (methicillin-resistant S. pseudintermedius, which is a form of S. pseudintermedius that is highly resistant to many antibiotics, including most of the drugs that are commonly used to treat bacterial infections in dogs and cats.)  Auggie had a reaction to the gentimicin which further caused his kidneys to almost fail completely.  My poor guy went from 105lbs to 92 in about three weeks.  He spent about a week at the vets before they found another antibiotic that worked on him.  He is much better, all of his hair has grown back, and he’s back up to 105lbs.  I am very thankful that I’ve had PetPlan insurance for Auggie since he was a puppy.  They paid off big time this year, thank goodness!

Fast forward to today and the weather is beautiful here in Florida, the squirrels have abandoned my bird feeders for riper pickins somewhere else, and mom, Auggie and I are bored out of our minds.  I’ve been fussing about getting another dog for a while, and I finally took the plunge.

On Sunday, if all goes according to plan, I’m going to pick up this cutie pie who is being transported to Florida from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Tennessee.

Once again, we’ll be Two Barking Dogs … Hopefully not too loud with the barking ’cause the neighbors get annoyed but still how can you resist this sweet face?  Momma is an English Mastiff and the puppy daddy might be a Great Pyrenees, or not.

Tomorrow I puppy-proof the house!




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  1. Well, first, I’m sorry to hear about your father but 90 is nothing to scoff at. I am also glad you and Auggie are back and for you to, once again, have two barking dogs sounds like it’s going to be more than fun!…:)JP

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