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You would think …

Image result for retirement… that now that I’ve been retired for a year, that I would have some wonderful adventures planned or at the very least enough time on my hands to pay more attention to my blog.  Yeah, right!

Almost all of my belongs are still in boxes in the garage along with a considerable number of vacuum storage bags under the bed and in the closet.

My parents just celebrated 65 years of married life, and will soon mom will turn 86, and dad 90.  We recently put my dad into home hospice care.  He sleeps almost 20 hours a day, and if I want to have a conversation with him, I’ve got to catch him early.  Once he’s had his breakfast (the only real meal he eats each day), he’s pretty much done for the rest of the day.  Hospice has been a great help!  The nurse comes twice a week to check his vitals, interface with the doctor (who made a house call), arrange for meds to be delivered, and even sent a music therapist out to visit.  Who knew there was such a thing as a music therapist?

My mom’s health is ok, and she says she’s reached the CRS-stage of life.  (Can’t remember shit.)  The one thing I wish she would remember is to not feed Auggie anything.  No orange slices, no Entenmann’s, no chicken fingers, and no potato chips.

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading, getting things around the house fixed up, and putting in some new plants and doing some gardening in the yard and on the patio.  I have a nice big plot of wildflowers for bees and butterflies coming in along with about 100 sunflowers.  Things are starting to sprout, and I can’t wait to see some flowers soon.

Auggie almost caught a squirrel last week, and if he’s outside and a bird or squirrel comes anywhere near the bird feeder, he’s all over them.  He even scared off a Red Tail Hawk that landed on the fence this morning.  I don’t want him scaring off all of the birds, just the Woodpeckers!  I wonder if these suckers are in touch with the Woodpecker in Virginia?




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  1. hello two barking dogs its dennis the vizsla dog hay wayt wot??? no entenmanns??? do yoo meen the donuts or just the pies??? becuz evrywun needs the donuts!!! eeven auggie!!! ok bye


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