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Reuniting People & Photos

I like old photographs, they intrigue me and spark my imagination. Who were these people? How did their photos end up on eBay? What were their lives like?

Every once and a while, I’ll find old photos with names, dates and/or locations written on the front or back of the picture.

In this day and age of Google, Facebook and, its amazing how much information you can find on-line.  For instance, the photo below.  Meet Myrtle W.  Based on the car in the background of one of the photos, I guessed at mid-1950’s, and I was right!

I was able to find Myrtle on-line and a connection to her son Grant.  A little bit more investigating and I found Grant on Facebook and sent him a private message.  When Grant got back to me, I shared scanned images of the photos and, Voila!  He told me one was his mom who had passed away in 2013.  The photos were taken during a mid-1950’s road trip from Massachusetts to Arizona.

It’s kind of amazing that I was able to find Myrtle’s family, but what is more amazing is that Myrtle (in her 20’s) took a road trip with a girlfriend from Massachusetts to Arizona way back in the 1950’s.  No dad or husband or boyfriend along to do the driving or look after the women!

I think Myrtle was bad ass!  And, at the moment, I’m thinking I’m kind of bad-ass, too, as this is the second time I’ve reunited old photos with family.

I may have a new career as a skip tracer!




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