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Who is the parent? And, that Kindle is dangerous according to my dad.

I recently retired (early) and moved in with my mom and dad, mainly to help them as they age in place. My dad is 89 and my mom 85.  They are not in the best of health, either.

The last few months have been a big adjustment for all of us.

Yesterday, I realized that both mom and dad do things that would have gotten my sister and me punished if we had done the same when we were kids. The daily mess left in the kitchen would have resulted in many hours of lost privileges.

Poor Auggie.  He loves whatever he can scam to eat from my mom and dad.  He does not, however, enjoy having the “squirts” all the time.  If I could only get them to stop giving him food from their plates, or in mom’s case, if she would just stop dropping food on the floor by mistake on purpose, I would  be thrilled.

One of the most recent conversations with my dad went like this:

Me:  Mom doesn’t feel good. I think she has an upset stomach.

Dad:  Its that damned Kindle. She’s always reading on the thing. I’m sure that is why she has diarrhea.

Me:  Dad, the Kindle is an electronic book. She’s not going to get diarrhea from reading a book!

Dad:  Hmmmph.  That’s what you think.  Its the Kindle. That’s what’s making her sick.  She needs to put that damned thing down and she’ll feel better.





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