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OPP – Other People’s Photos ~ A Trip To Tortola

I collect old photos. I buy them at yard sales, thrift stores, on CraigsList and on eBay.  I recently purchased a slide/negative viewer/scanner to look at some slides that I took on a trip to Ireland in the early 1980s.  As a result, I am now collecting old slides, too.  Its a sickness!

I have a blog that I haven’t posted to in a very long time, but there are some great old vintage/found photos there, too.  I recently learned a new term for the type of photos that I collect: “vernacular photos.”  (Vernacular photography is the creation of photographs, usually by amateur or unknown photographers both professional and amateur, who take everyday life and common things as subjects.)

After examining some of the other same type photos and a bit of Googling, I’ve determined that these photos were taken near Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.



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