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Tired & Retired!

I’ve been busy.  In the last year, I sold, donated or just plain gave away half of what I owned.  All of this activity was the precursor of retiring, selling the house, and moving back to Florida.  When I tell folks I recently retired, they look at me trying to figure out my age!  62 or 65?  Nah!  There are a few more years before Social Security kicks in.

I’m very thankful that the house sold quickly for my asking price. My realtor was really wonderful, and most of our interaction was done via texts, emails and a couple of phone calls.

The two main reasons for retiring early?  My parents need some adult supervision and I’m tired.  So, for the time being, I’m back in my old room, cooking for my folks, running them around to doctor’s appointments, and trying to keep Auggie from eating everything that my parents drop on the floor.  Pills, towels, napkins, socks.  All things that I’ve had to grab out of Auggie’s gullet over the last few weeks.  One bright thing is he seems to be adjusting to the heat and the thunderstorms.

There are 110 boxes in the garage that I need to unpack.

I’m exhausted, and I haven’t even started yet.

Auggie says, “Hey!”




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  1. YEAH!!!! I retired at a young age too…way before SS and then waited…now I get that “check every month” and love it!! So glad you “cleaned house”…it’s hard but so worth it!!…:)JP

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