Thirteen on Thursday

  1. Auggie will be 3 years old in June.  His birthday is the same as Clover’s – just 13 years apart.
  2. Auggie has settled down and is a pretty good dog. He only chews on my shoes if I forget to put them in the closet. He’s got a thing for laundry (clean or dirty).  Its on me to keep temptation away from the guy.
  3. My mom and dad are still kicking it ~ just slowly and not as hard as they used to.  Auggie likes my mom a lot, but kind of steers clear of my dad.  Not sure why, but to say it annoys my dad is putting it mildly.
  4. I’m getting ready to retire the end of February.
  5. I have a lot of work ahead of me to get ready for my move back to Florida.  House needs a new kitchen, some carpet, paint and a new bathroom.  Oh, my!
  6. I’m going to live with my parents for a while. They need some adult supervision!  My dad will be 89 and my mom 85 years-old this May.
  7. I asked them to move to Virginia to stay with me, but both of them are pretty glued to their recliners that happen to live in Florida.
  8. My dad’s favorite saying these days is, “I’m not moving anywhere. They’re going to take me out of this house feet first!”
  9. I hope that that day is not anytime soon.
  10. I hope to live long enough to read all the books on my Kindle.
  11. I really like the CBS series, “Blue Bloods” and will watch reruns anytime of the day.
  12. Watching Tiny Houses & Hoarders on TV have both motivated me into selling, tossing, and donating a whole bunch of stuff.  From August to December 2015, I donated approximately 30 big plastic bags of stuff to Purple Heart Veterans.  Better they should make some money off my donations, than I should have to pack, move, and unpack so much stuff!
  13. I’m really looking forward to moving back home.  Not sure how long I will like living with my parents (again), but I’m happy to be able to look after them for a while.

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