Dear Blog: “Where have you been?”

I haven’t spent much time thinking about you over the last few years.  There are so many social media sites occupying my time these days, that I sort of forgot about you.  I spent so much time feeding you and nurturing you, and then I dropped you like a hot potato.  It wasn’t your fault.  I’m sorry.

When I went looked at all of the things that I told you, beginning way back in 2008, I realized that I kind of missed you. This, a place where I could write more than 140 characters or upload multiple photos without crashing a system.

My plan for 2016 is to write more often, upload more photos, and overall, pay more attention to you.  Hope you won’t hold my absence against me.  Please remember to provide some direction, inspiration, and food for my creative muse.  I will need the help.

Your friend,


(p.s.: Auggie Says Hey!)





2 thoughts on “Dear Blog: “Where have you been?”

  1. Yeahhhhh, I have missed your blog. I am sure after April you will have a lot to write about and I for one and am looking forward to reading all about it. Xoxo

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