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Where have you been, I wonder?

Auggie and I are still kicking it.  He’s going to be two years old in June, and I’m going to be …. hahha!  Not telling!

When I started blogging way back in the dark ages, it was really the only avenue out there.  Now? I haven’t a clue how many social media opportunities are out there.  I cannot even keep up with this blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

I’ve been very busy selling stuff on eBay, running back and forth to Florida to look after my folks, trying to keep myself and Auggie healthy, and oh, yeah, working full-time.  And, don’t forget the Kindle.  I resisted it for so long, but then … I folded a few years ago.  Now?  I hope to live long enough to read all of the books on my Kindle!

Auggie says, “Hey.”

2015-01-03 12.29.37

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