Summer Vacation

So busy!  I’m going to take a vacation away from the blog for a few weeks. While I’m gone, I’m going to peruse other “blogging” options.

Have a great summer!

And, Auggie says, “Hey, what’s this thing filled with water? Can I drink it all?”


5 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. Whatever you blog on will be very interesting. Can’t wait to see what you blog on next. Remember, I’m off limits, haha. Xoxo.


  2. Maggie Moo says that puddles are fun, and that one looks like one she’d just love to jump into and splash. Frasier says that Maggie Moo doesn’t know what she’s talking about, baths are to be avoided at all cost and that looks too much like a big bathtub to him.


  3. Well at least you won’t need to fill up the dog drinking bowl for a while :) Have just been reading your posts and can see why you need a break, looking forward to seeing what next for you and Auggie!
    Wren x


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