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Spring Cleaning ~ Just Hit The Delete Button Already!

I decided to clean out some old e-mails.  I had no idea that across five different e-mail accounts that I had amassed over 3,000 e-mails going back to the advent of time, or when I bought this computer in 2011.

I decided to sort them by sender and delete all of the crap first.  Then I went through the ones with attachments to look for photos that I might not have anywhere else.

The first photo was taken at a mega-gigantic-ginormous yard sale last year.  It made me laugh, but boy the guy having the sale wasn’t kidding. I got one haggle with him and that was it!


Taken at the used book store.  True Crime Humor.  I’m sure Kay Scarpetta has a sense of humor, but Patricia Cornwell’s books?  Not so much.



Coming up soon (Memorial Day Weekend) is Rolling Thunder.  This photo was taken by me while sitting in traffic at about midnight on Constitution Avenue near the Roosevelt Bridge.  Love Rolling Thunder.  Hate the traffic.



You have to love a church bazaar that provides a train ride for kids of all sizes!




And you have to absolutely love a church bazaar that sells boxed lunches Korean style.


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