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Auggie On The Mend

Auggie got neutered about 10 days ago, and at the same time, the vet removed a cyst from the top of his head.  Everything went well, and Auggie came home with a e-collar (aka: cone of shame) and some pain killers.

About that cyst … every time I tried, or the vet tried to get a look at it, he wiggled so badly that you just couldn’t see exactly what it was. So, while he was under, the vet got a better look at it after she shaved a spot on his head.

The cyst was about the size of a nickle. She excised it and said that it was actually hair that was growing inward and she pulled out a clump of hair about the size of her pinkie finger!

The pathology report came back a few days later to say it was a benign“collagenous nevus.”

The report says: “The dermis is thickened and nodular due to accumulation of collagen. There also are a few hypertrophied hair follicles and sebaceous glands. A cystic hair follicle is present.”

” …. malformation of dermal collagen. Warrants monitoring.”

So far, he has destroyed two e-collars, and is on his third collar – this time a Kong blow-up kind.

Even though he’s had the stitches removed, he still has to wear the collar until the spot on his head clears up. The healing is slow and he is now on antibiotics.

Here’s hoping that Auggie heals up fast, and that the hair on the top of his head grows back because if it doesn’t I’ll have to change his name to “Monk.”


Auggie – Post Surgery

4 thoughts on “Auggie On The Mend

  1. hello auggie its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hope yoo ar feeling better and the hair has started to grow in on yore dome!!! a bare shaved hed is just too inviting to brain sucking aliens if yoo ask me!!! ok bye

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  2. Frasier agrees with Dennis, no need to invite brain sucking aliens! He also says he sympathises with Auggie on having to wear a cone of shame. Frasier wants me to be sure and tell you to tell Auggie that a cone can be used to keep other doggies in line: Frasier loved to try to trap MaggieMoo (beagle) in the cone he had to wear and squish her up against the sides of it. MaggieMoo was not amused!


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