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8 years vs 8 months

Auggie continues to grow (82 pounds) and Cosmo continues to age and show more grey!  They are both doing well, and starting to spend time together again since Cosmo has not been as restricted to the crate. I hope to get the all-clear from the vet this week or next  in relation to his surgery.

The day Cosmo can go up the stairs and jump up on the bed to sleep will be a very happy day in his book!



6 thoughts on “8 years vs 8 months

  1. Two lovely dogs and a sweet photo. Hope it won’t be long before Cosmo can jump up on the bed. My fondest memory of our black lab years ago was waking up to find her in hubby’s spot, face staring at me from lying on the pillow and as soon as my eyes opened she would bang her tail up and down, up and down.


  2. hello auggie and cosmo its dennis the vizsla dog hay hi their!!! cosmo yoo just hav a littel milk chin thats all just like my sister trixie!!! she is abowt fourteen but she cud pass for eight too i think!!! ok bye


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