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Its going to look like a hospital ward around here next week …

Let me start at the beginning …

I loaded up the car a couple of weeks ago including two dogs, a couple of suitcases, and a bag of Thanksgiving goodies from Trader Joe’s.  And, off we went.

This was Auggie’s first road trip, and his first overnight in a hotel.  I’m very happy to say the trip to Florida was uneventful.  The weather was wonderful, and the traffic was also pretty calm and accident free.

Fast forward through a great dinner, visits with my nephew and Mako (his humpy 120 pound Labrador who had a crush on Cosmo), and then my sister and her new husband (and her Labrador Murphy who didn’t hump anything). Everyone got along – people included.  It was a great Thanksgiving.

Oh, did I mention Auggie was limping when we got to my parents’ house?  And that I took him to the vet?  who told me he had might have strained something while jumping in or out of the car? and that she gave me a couple of pills for him to take with the instruction of no running or jumping? and that she said that aside from the limp in the front shoulder that Auggie walked kind of funny? and that she did x-rays of his rear hips? and that he has the early signs of hip displasia in his rear right hip?

There was one day when Auggie felt like playing, and Cosmo wasn’t being humped on by anyone and he too felt like playing with Auggie.  Cosmo took off around the backyard with Auggie attempting to run along but not keeping up very well.  Cosmo did three circuits around the yard, circled the shed, and came to a dead stop.  He then limped into the patio favoring his left rear leg.

I loaded him up, with great difficulty, into the car for a trip to the vet.

The verdict?  The vet said Cosmo had partial or complete rupture of the Cranial Cruciate Ligament (or “CCL”).  Basically, he blew out the tendons that hold his knee together.

Well that surely put a damper on things.

I eventually loaded them back in the car for the trip back to Virginia, with a stopover in North Carolina (at a very nice Best Western Hotel that was pet friendly).

Fast forward to yesterday  (Friday the 13th) …

Cosmo had a consult with a surgeon who agreed that it was the CCL and it also looked like he had a rupture of the miniscus (cartilege in the knee).  And, the best way to fix all of this?  An operation called the TPLO, or tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy.

Sounds expensive, doesn’t it?  And, you would be right!  Cosmo is worth it, and my bank account will recover.  I’m hoping for an uneventful surgery and a really quick recovery.

Oh, and, I decided to schedule Auggie’s neuter on Wednesday.  Oh, yeah!  Wasn’t that a smart logistical move on my part?  Auggie needs to get his hormones under control, and this may help put him on the “Path of No Humping.”

More news next week.

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