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Do You Need A Dog-ervention?


Camera Critters

Scroll down for some photos of Auggie – the newest addition to my family!

7 thoughts on “Do You Need A Dog-ervention?

  1. Yes. They take over your life. We live with puppy proofing and have a dog crate as a coffee table, gates at lots of doors, a fence up in front of a bookshelf to keep the books safe and everything gets put up higher and higher the older Ketli gets.


  2. #1: Don’t have to Skype with them from work since I work at home now
    #2: Check
    #3: Check
    #4: Check
    #5: Check
    #6: Check
    #7: Well, all of us drink filtered water, but until recently we were spending around $250/month just on Stella & Chewy’s food for Tucker, since it was the only thing he would eat after his aspiration pneumonia …


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