Auggie asks, “Where are the rocks?”

The nice folks at Chewy Whitesent us a package of Fromm Salmon & Sweet Potato treats for the dogs to try out.

Auggie’s favorite word is “treat” so you know these were a big hit.  I recently switched both dogs to Fromm kibble, and they’re doing very well on the new food.  The biggest reason I switched to Fromm was the fact that they make their food in the U.S. from American-sourced products.  The next reason?  Both dogs love the stuff!

Now, if I could just get Auggie to stop eating mulch, sticks, and leaves …


6 thoughts on “Auggie asks, “Where are the rocks?”

  1. Is Auggie eating rocks? Dexter went through a rock eating phase. Very vexing.
    Dex is a big fan of Fromm anything. Is Cosmo getting used to having an annoying little puppy? He is very labradorable.

    Mango Momma


    • So far, I’ve taken 4 or 5 rocks out of his mouth – he hasn’t actually swallowed any yet thank goodness. He is beginning to learn if he brings the rocks or mulch to me and drop them in front of me, I’ll give him a treat. I’m at a loss as to how to keep him from picking the stuff up to begin with ..

      Cosmo is doing better .. the first few days were touch-and-go as to whether Cosmo would accept Auggie. Now? He’ll lie on the floor and let Auggie climb all over him, chew his feet and ears, but if Auggie tries to hump him … he’ll show his displeasure PDQ !!


  2. I made the Frozen Peanutbutter Yogurt treats for a friend’s dog (Hanna) who was having a birthday. There couldn’t be anything she would have liked better. It was a sight to see. The humans at the party were about to try them, but I was saving them for the pets. Simply a wonderful and healthy treat for our special pets.


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