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Mr. Bossy Pants


I took Auggie to Doggie Daycare this morning for his interview .. and he passed!  I wasn’t really worried, but you never know how a dog is going to act in a new situation.  Apparently, Mr. Bossy Pants was very quiet and a little overwhelmed and was very timid.  Hah!  That won’t last long!

On Sunday, Auggie and I went to a local pet store that had a shot clinic where Auggie got his first rabies shot, his third “puppy shot” and micro-chipped for the total of $36.  Yep, you heard it right.  THIRTY-SIX DOLLARS!  At my vets, it would have cost more than $300 for sure.  At 16 weeks, Auggie weighed in at 42 pounds.  Oh, my!

I love my vets.  They are great doctors and I plan to continue to use them for all things medical.  For all things related to shots?  We’ll be going seeing the vets at VIP Pet Care.  Auggie will also be getting his parts snipped when we go to Florida the next time for the price of $160 vs. $625 in Virginia.

Everyone that meets Auggie just goes crazy for him, and he loves the attention, too.  He loves the attention so much that every time someone goes a little goofy on him, he pisses on my shoes.  Leaky little sucker.



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