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Treats and Tea Anyone?

Last month, the nice people at sent us a package of treats to try out.  TREATS, you say?  It is the only word that gets both dogs’ attention and causes them to come running.

Both Cosmo and Auggie loved these vegetarian treats from HALO.  I had never tried this brand before, but I knew they would be a big hit because of the peanut butter!  Auggie’s training is going pretty well, and as a result I’m going through treats like water through a sieve!  Thanks chewy for helping out a starving puppy!

Don’t tell HALO or chewy but I tasted these myself and gave serious thought to grabbing a couple more and sitting down with a cup of tea.  I’m not sure how Cosmo and Auggie would feel sharing!

Hmmmm! Peanut Butter!