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An updated version of something .. or other

I haven’t really “blogged” a lot lately.  Oh, there are the occasional pictures, and the occasional comments about something or other, but not much, really.  As a result, I thought I would take time to give an update or two about things in general.

Here goes …

I still miss Clover – a lot.  I like Auggie, but I don’t love him a whole lot yet.  He has to stop chewing on me before I decide to love him.  Cosmo heartily agrees about the chewing thing.  Oh, and the humping thing.  And, the barking in his ear thing, too.

My conversations with my parents aren’t all that funny all of a sudden.  That kind of scares me.  Now?  Most of my conversations with my mom revolve around things that she’s already told me two or three times.  It seems that they really are getting old both mentally and physically.  This makes me very sad.

I just finished about 10 weeks of physical therapy.  The idea was that maybe I might be able to banish some of the pain that I’m having in my legs.  While I was able to strengthen my core, my legs still hurt like hell.  AND, now my knees hurt so bad I can hardly walk at times.  Getting old sucks.  Having M.S. sucks big time.

Speaking of M.S. — I just went for another MRI and an EMG (Nerve Conduction Study).  The MRI was for my back to see if there is something there that might be causing or exacerbating the pain in my legs (aside from the M.S.).  MRI? take a Xanax and I’m good.  The EMG was also of my legs and let’s just say the EMG sucks! and, no Xanax allowed.

Never heard of the EMG test?  Let me explain, please.  The Electromyogram and Nerve Conduction Study measures the electrical activity of muscles at rest and during contraction.  Nerve conduction studies measure how well and how fast the nerves can send electrical signals.  Sounds sort of innocuous, right.  If you really want to know what happens — read about it here on WebMD.  I don’t feel like reliving the experience in order to explain it here.  I will, however, say it involves electrodes and needles and electric current.

on the lighter side …

I admit to never having watched one episode of Breaking Bad.  What did I miss?

2 thoughts on “An updated version of something .. or other

  1. I’ve never had an EMG, but my husband had one and he said it was horrible. Well, it’s over now, right? Hang in there. We love all our dogs, eventually and differently. It’s been a year since Mango left us and only recently have I fallen in love with Dex. He knows it too.

    Mango Momma


    • I really do like the little guy and I see such potential in him. Poor old Cosmo doesn’t know what to make of it, but he does know that Auggie is in the crate and he gets to sleep on my bed at night!


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