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Doing Just Fine

Auggie has settled in just fine, and he and Cosmo are getting along pretty well.  Auggie is growing like a weed.  When I got him, he was 10 weeks old and weighed in at 23 pounds.  Three weeks later, at the vet for his second set of shots, he weighed in at 34 pounds.  I can only imagine what he will be when full grown!  Can you say dogosaurus?

Auggie is doing great with his initial training.  He will sit on command (with a hand signal also), down is iffy and only works when I have a treat handy, and he knows “come” only when it is said like this: “Auggie Auggie Auggie … COME .. treat!”  For a matter of fact, if you add “treat” to any request, he pretty much jumps to it right quick.

There is a lot of “bitey face” going on around here, too.  Cosmo seems to enjoy having Auggie climb all over him, chew on his neck and face, pull his ears, and bite his feet.  Cosmo is amazingly patient.

The verdict?  So far so good!


Let’s play a little tug-of-war! Play fair!


Sharing the water bowl.


“Ok, Little Guy, THAT WAS A SQUIRREL.”


4 thoughts on “Doing Just Fine

  1. Oh, my goodness. I “went away” for a while and when I came back you had a baby monster at your house. Now I remember why I got Maggie at age five. He does look cute though! I ruptured L4-5 last winter and thoroughly understand your pain issues. I’m OK sitting or lying down, but by mid-afternoon, when I stand or walk I often ache from the hips down. The MRI was easy, but those nerve tests — NOT! And they told the doc nothing more than, “Yep, the nerves are damaged.” Well, fine. Maggie goes to the UT Vet School for her therapy dog evaluation late this month. I have my fingers crossed, as the local third graders are expecting her to become a reading dog.


    • Good luck with Maggie’s eval .. I bet she’ll do just fine! Auggie is doing great, and I am really enjoying the puppy stage. He is such a smart dog, too. If I could only get him to realize that no matter how big the hole in the yard gets, he’ll never make it to China!


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